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don’t try to throw it farther than you need to

Yet again, Phil MacAuley has given me a little gem of throwing advice.

I love throwing with Phil. He has beautiful smooth throws and is also very relaxed when throwing. And he loves to play around. I’ve learned a lot from him over the past number of years just by watching him throw.

But he’s also given me specific advice from time-to-time that has proved invaluable. Two years ago, he completely changed the way that I throw my backhand that has made an extraordinary difference in how much control I have and in how much further I can throw the disc. (Everyone that thinks I huck too much? Blame Phil.)

We were throwing last night at the Master’s-practice-that-wasn’t and everything was fine. But then we got that specific distance away from each other where my throws always change from “throw to the person” to “throw it as far as I can”. And my throws were all rising right into hospital pass territory.

Me being me, I swore. Then said, “I don’t know why all my throws are rising straight up!” And swore again.

Phil just said, “Because you’re trying to throw them further than they need to go.”


I was changing how I threw — it was as if there was a switch in my head that turned on when my receiver got to a certain point and then went into panic mode.

I processed this little nugget and started throwing to Phil, wherever he was, without worrying about whether I had the power to get to him. And it worked.

I won’t say all my throws were brilliant, but the majority were much more accurate. And definitely out of the hospital pass range.

Thanks Phil.

someone has got to make these movies

Should I be slapped for thinking that the Who’s The Boss concept sounds plausible?

(Well, as plausible as a high-concept TV-to-film adaptation can…)

the tom-cruise-foolery continues…

Now I’m just coasting, folks…

two reasons for blogging: creating and sharing

I remember telling my wife that I’d started a blog and her immediate reaction was, “Blogs are self-indulgent.”

This was followed shortly by, “I don’t understand blogs.”

While the first one stung a little, I can understand where people are coming from when they say this, especially if they also think the second statement.

Blogs are a funny thing. You have your topic-specific blogs, your funny blogs, your fictional character blog, your personal blog, your communal blog, and your throw-everything-and-see-what-sticks blog. Blogs, on the whole, are amorphous and hard to pin down. They are also, for a whole swath of us, talking to a pretty empty theatre. So why do it?

I think it has to do with two very specific desires: the desire to create and the desire to share.

My initial training is as an actor and I spent seven (mostly unpaid) years as an actor in the theatre in Toronto. I eventually stopped for a number of reasons (“dear sweet Jeebus I need money”) but the one thing that really knocked me out was the fact that while I loved the actual artistic work of acting and creating a play, I HATED the business life of an actor. The constant sending out of packages, auditions, the “networking” that I had to do even though I was so horrible at it that it made me hate myself, all of it felt like it was sucking my soul dry. I kept at it for a while, then I sort of coasted for another period where I didn’t admit I wasn’t acting but I really wasn’t, had a brief resurgence in my career, and then stopped completely.

And I don’t miss being a professional actor. God no. I have a regular job now and have time to do other work and go to school. I actually feel that I have a life and the time to enjoy it.

But I do really miss “creating” something.

So, this blog.

Just getting to craft the perfect run-on sentence that doesn’t end even though the reader has lost the train of what I was trying to say eighteen syllables ago but still I feel the urge to forge ahead blindly into the unknown future of where the sentence is going a future that looks dark but then in the distance you see a spark that just maybe could be the end of the sentence, is a creative act. And it feels good.

“But,” you say, “Most of your posts are links to other sites! You ain’t creating nuthin! You damn dirty leech!”

And it’s true, a lot of what I put on my site are links to other people’s creations or comments, with the occasional “witty” comment thrown in by me. How do I justify it?

Because I also want to share.

I love the Internet and the vast array of genius and crap available out there. The facts, the opinions, the little doodads and widgets. And the really really weird. (When I first discovered CATPRIN – Tailor for Cats, I felt like shouting it from the rooftops.) And me being the chatty fellow that I am, I want to share these marvelous discoveries with the world.

So, this blog.

Why do I blog? Because I want to create something. I want express my thoughts. I want to write. I want to make people laugh.


backpack death

So I was forced into buying a new backpack at lunch today. I was putting my book away at the end of my lunch break, all chipper and dewy-eyed and ready for an afternoon of nose-to-the-grindstoning, when I heard a distinctive and ominous “ZZZZZZZZZZ… ZZZ… pt.”

The teeth of the zipper — from one side of the backpack all the way around the the other — became completely detached. Truly and utterly detached. No matter how well I was able to work the zipper mechanism in curious and devious ways detached.

I should have expected it, as it was a cheapo $10 model I picked up at Canadian Tire for carrying stuff around at tournaments. It really was being used far and beyond the duties for which I had purchased it. And considering I have had it for over a year and have used it quite frequently (most notably to carry stuff to the top of a pyramid), I should feel lucky and privileged to have been a small part of it’s remarkable service.

But… I was just pissed.

So, off I went to purchase a new model that’s faster! stronger! bigger! than before.

I should have all kinds of sage reasons why I picked that model — this is a blog, where opinions are king — but the fact is, it was on sale for 25% off and was the best colour there. And would allow my to carry my stuff from work to class to Ultimate and then home again today on my bike.

And really, what else do I need it for today?