real little boys’ room

Have you headed out of the office and announced, “I’m going to the little boys’ room”?

Did you ever wish you were actually heading to a real little boys’ room?

I would love to have a real Little Boys’ Room:

  • I would have to enter the room through a trap-door under my desk.
  • There would be a password to get in.
  • No girls would be allowed. Except for cool girls that liked Star Wars and climbing trees.
  • The walls would have cowboys and indians wallpaper.
  • There would be toy-boxes scattered around the room, filled with Micronauts, Legos, and water pistols.
  • There would be a section of the room where an ever-evolving sofa-cushion-and-blanket fort was constantly being added to and modified.
  • One corner of the room would have a functional pond, with actual tadpoles and frogs.
  • There would be a tv nook and it would always plays episodes of Battle of the Planets and Star Blazers and Robotech and cool stuff like that.
  • Superballs would randomly be ejected into the room at varying rates.
  • The floor would be made of some high-tech material that could morph into different forms and consistency, ranging from trampoline-bouncy to hockey-rink-slipperiness.
  • One wall would be filled entirely with bookshelves, containing thousands of comic books. Especially lots of Legion of Superheroes.
  • And there would be a tire swing.
  • And a puppy.

Admit it. That would be wicked.

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