rule of comedy #1

No matter the situation, whether it be a skit, play, movie, book, self-help seminar, court proceeding, funeral, PhD defence, AA meeting, job interview, home birth, palace revolt, tax audit, exorcism, or blind date…

A monkey will always make it funnier.

You can test this in your head. Dredge up a random memory.

Are you thinking of one? Good.

Now, just at the edge of the scene, place a small monkey. It doesn’t need to be big. Just a small little monkey.

You don’t need to impose it on the scene. Just picture it, quietly doing monkey things in the corner. It could be eating a cheese sandwich. Or scratching its head. It could even be reading a magazine. Like Newsweek. Or O. Monkeys get bored too. You just let it be. It can take care of itself.

Let the memory play out in your head. It’s still the same memory, with all the details exactly the same, except… there is a monkey in the corner. Being a monkey.

Admit it.

It’s funnier.

this monkey obviously has more important things to do than you

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