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canada rocks out at upa championships

Congrats to Vancouver’s Furious George, 2005 UPA Champs!

furious george!

(Thanks for the heads-up, Mr. McLeod!)

haven’t swallowed my tongue yet

Well, it seems that you can grow out of allergies.

The fact that I was stung by a wasp about an hour ago and don’t feel the need to be rushed to the hospital leads me to believe that.

Or it was one weak-ass wussy wasp*.

One or the other.

* Alliteration is fun!

a wee little suggestion for a halloween movie

Wanna see a scary movie tonight after the kiddies have stop screaming for candy? (And that candy had better be chocolate because anything but chocolate is just cruel.)


We rented it a while back because it’s horror and my lovely wife would rent a can of Spam if the label said it was a horror movie. It has Anna Paquin (who I have a soft spot for from Fly Away Home) and the eminently watchable Lena Olin (who I have a soft spot from damn well everything I’ve seen her in), so I didn’t think it would be horrible, but it came out without any sort of buzz, so I assumed it was a nothing movie.

Holy crap did this puppy scare us.

I’ve checked online and the reviews seem to be all over the place. Some love it, some hate it. So mileage varies. But for us — who have seen more than our own fair share of horror flicks — this one ranked up there with some of the best.

There. Your Halloween movie has been chosen. Feels good to have that sorted out, eh?

i wish my doctor was a ninja

He’s a doctor. Who’s a ninja. Who knows Batman. And his receptionist Judy is a gorilla.

This is some sort of new level of awesomeness.

Take “awesome”. Expose it to high levels of gamma radiation and cosmic rays. Watch it grow and mutate into some 100-storey-high monster with a penchant for rampaging. Unleash it on Tokyo.

That level of awesome.

geekiest. halloween costume. ever.

don't be evil

What am I feeling when I look at this?

  • Jealousy.
  • Disbelief.
  • Fear.
  • Respect.
  • Admiration.
  • Gas.