i was a teenage zombie tuesday!

Zombie Tuesday is on vacation and has no zombies to offer you today.

Zombie Tuesday apologises for this sorry state of affairs.

Zombie Tuesday would like to offer you this picture of Zombie Puppy Dogs to make everything better:


Zombie Tuesday acknowledges that Zombie Puppy Dogs would so kick its ass if they were both out at the clubs trying to pick up women. Zombie Tuesday would be all desperate and tell really bad jokes and look all needy and the girls would say, “No way! I’m going for that dreamboat in the corner that looks all mysterious and dangerous!” And Zombie Puppy Dogs would just reel them in.

Zombie Tuesday is like Richie Cunningham to Zombie Puppy Dogs’ Fonzie.

Zombie Tuesday hates Zombie Puppy Dogs.

3 Responses to “i was a teenage zombie tuesday!”

  1. SassyK Says:

    And to think on zombie tuesdays I was in the country jogging like a zombie. Must have been than sneaky little zombie chicken that accidentally ended up in the oven. Perhaps it got to me after all, cooked or otherwise…

  2. sween Says:

    See… and now all you want are…


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