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one fish two fish red fish blue zombie tuesday


Is it just me or are zombies getting younger and younger every year?


I thinks it’s probably the hormones in the milk.

the small one enjoys the sensual pleasure of the box

the small one enjoys the sensual pleasure of the box

oddest 5 minute conversation of my weekend

For five minutes this weekend, I found myself in a debate where the single point of contention was whether or not former Khmer Rouge leader Ta Mok (unsettling nickname: “The Butcher”) was an exact twin of Bruce Willis.

separated at birth

For the record… I was in the “No” camp.

steve coogan plays himself… again…

Tristram Shandy

I had not heard this movie was even being made, but now I’m dying to see it.

I’m a really big fan of Michael Winterbottom’s awesome take on the Manchester music scene, 24 Hour Party People, where Steve Coogan played Tony Wilson. (24 Hour Party People has probably the best tagline for a movie ever: “Genius. Poet. Twat.”)

Steve Coogan was also in Coffee & Cigarettes playing himself in what was my favourite scene in the movie, the one with Alfred Molina. I don’t want to describe it, because it works so well that you just need to see it.

Well, he gets to play himself again in Tristram Shandy. The 18th-Century novel The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman is supposedly unfilmable. So, instead of trying to prove something by actually filming a movie of the novel, Winterbottom has decided to do a movie about people making a movie based on the novel. So Steve Coogan gets to play Tristram Shandy. And he gets to play himself. Being a twat. Which he does soooooo well.

God. Thinking of him in 24 Hour Party People and in Coffee & Cigarettes is making me giggle just sitting here.

I gotta see this movie. And if you haven’t seen the earlier two, what the hell are you waiting for?

little-boy-glee alert!

indoor rc plane

I have never, in my entire life, owned a single remote-controlled vehicle of any sort. It is a tragedy that has rent chunks out of my psyche and likely lead to an incident in the distant future where the fate of the humanity rests on me failing to properly control a remote-controlled ZombieKillingOomba™ and will only lead to making the zombies fall over themselves with a fit of the giggles. And then eating my brains. Which would suck.

In order to prevent this, I must have this plane. My brains depend on it.