if you’re not a ninja*, speak up!

Following in the wide and muddy footsteps of the great and terrible Kulrblind, it is now time to De-Lurk.

Throw off your Chains of Silence! In their place, reverently wrap the Chains of Chattiness around your torso! Show everyone how nice you look in your new Links of Loquaciousness! Revel in the admiring stares you get at the grocery store as people admire your Fetters of Familiarity!

In other words — this week, everyone leaves a comment.

This is not a request, people.

don't let me starve -- de-lurk!

* Actually, ninjas are encouraged to comment too.

15 Responses to “if you’re not a ninja*, speak up!”

  1. kulrblind Says:

    The prase “Links of Loquaciousness” single-handedly warrants commenting. Also, props for getting your own icon and not stealing…er…borrowing one like I did.

  2. kulrblind Says:

    Wow. My typos know no bounds this week.

  3. Otto Says:

    Forcing me to communicate with you sucks Jason.

    You suck.

    suck suck suck.

    Happy new year BTW

  4. Jaybird Says:

    Ok…that poor little kitty looks like he.she will waste away if I don’t comment.

    I come here every day. I don’t remember how I got here. I pick a link outta the kitchen sink, wash it and put it away.

    Tuesday are can’t miss. Except last Tuesday. That sucked.

    –Non Ninja Jay in the middle of the middle

  5. SassyK Says:

    I’m doing it for the kitties you realise. Fed them for the love of god, feed them!

    (We may now be contributing to feline obesity but they are the only animal I know that is even cuter when really fat)

  6. Jason's Dad Says:

    My cats are cute and they’re not fat. They’re fit.

    Of course, I do have 3 very round gerbils. They’re all in one cage and that cage must get more than its share of food because these guys are big. The other 22(!) gerbils are all quite athletic-looking.

    Plus there’s one mouse (Willow) who used to be very overweight and lethargic. Then we got her a good wheel. She started using it — very slowly at first — and over a period of months has probably reduced to half the size she was. Now she runs, hops, and bounces around.

    But those three round gerbils — we’ll have to do something there.

    Does this count as a comment? I know Jasper’s counting on me.


  7. sween Says:

    Everytime I look at that picture, I feel very guilty. I promise I’ll feed Jasper tonight.

    Tomorrow though…

  8. Jason's Sister Says:

    For the record, I do not, nor have I ever, nor will I ever, eat poo. Same goes for liver. Except for the one time I did eat it – liver that is, still not poo – and decided that I would never eat it again.

  9. Jason's Sister Says:

    P.S. “Hello!” to Otto, my partner in crime, or, as some like to call it, dancing in the wedding party dance. And “Hi!” to Jen!

  10. David Says:

    I dont know what to say though. “Hi…How are ya?”

  11. Otto Says:

    I like to dance.

    I also like Guitar Hero for the PS2.

  12. sween Says:

    kulrblind: You get a pass on creating a banner, what with how tired you are from your rampant procreating.

    otto: You suck too, Otto. You suck too…

    jaybird: i was wondering where all the dishes were going…

    SassyK: You may know relax. Jasper has been fed. The world wll not end. The state of his little kitty belly is no longer at stake. (However, there is always the other cat…)

    My Dad:Yes that counts. Wow, proof that you actually read my blog…

    saraheatspoo: oh, you know you do.

    david: I am good! Grooving out to a podcast done by a fiteen year old girl. Probably the best podcast I have ever heard. It’s most depressing contrasting it with how lame I was at that age, let alone at this age. (See, commenting is EASY!)

    Otto: We like it when you dance too.

  13. ramz Says:

    This isn’t going to work. I’m not gonna think, “Oh, now I’ll just leave the occasional lame comment on his blog and then I don’t have to talk to him in real life anymore.” Then again…

  14. sween Says:

    Oh yeah, like you’re just beating down my door to talk to me normally…


    Gonna wallow here for a bit…

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