the month of me: icarus 54, scene 6


Eating paste out of tube.


I miss TOAST!! The texture of toast. The feel of it giving way under my teeth. The crust pushing against the sides of my cheek. The melted butter coming off on the roof of my mouth and then BAM! the taste hits my tongue. And CHEWING. Taking that hard crusty piece of bread and chomping it, crunching it, MASTICATING it into a wad of juicy dough, and then feeling it drop oh so slowly down my throat, one more sacrifice to the great Stomach God. All Hail!!

AAHH!! I want flavours!! The salt off a handful of potato chips, stinging my tongue, needing that big bubbly pop to clear the way for the next onslaught of grease and cholesterol. The soft battle between sweet and bitter as a square of dark chocolate melts to nothing on my tongue… OOoohhHH… OH! Peanut butter and jam!! Sticky, juicy, salty, sweet — OH YES! And — and… the pain of a bowl of suicide chili, spoonful after spoonful, ripping my throat to shreds OOHH GOD! It hurts and I take another bite and then another and I won’t stop my eyes are tearing sweat’s popping out my pores and IT TASTES SO GOOD!!!

Holds up tube.

One tube. Three hundred and fifty three grams. Three times a day. Every nutrient, vitamin, protein, fibre and whatnot the human body needs to survive, packed into one basic food “unit”. Very efficient. Very easy to produce. The station’s processor creates it out of the elements in the asteriod itself. And my own body waste.

Take a bowl of macaroni. Dump it into a blender. Blend it until it reaches the consistency of bread dough. Then, if you know how, take what minute flavour it has in it and SUCK it out. Then put just a little bit of brown coloring in it, just enough to remind yourself that, Yes, my own feces have gone into this. Oh, and don’t forget to put in that one magical ingredient that gives it the same glorious aftertaste that you would get from swallowing an aspirin dry. Jam it into an empty tube of toothpaste. And ENJOY!

Continues eating out of tube.

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