15 failed precursors to “more fun than a barrel of monkeys”

  1. “more fun than a damp paper bag of monkeys”
  2. “more fun than a courier bag of monkeys”
  3. “more fun than a CD jewel case of monkeys”
  4. “more fun than the trunk of a 1972 Dodge Dart of monkeys”
  5. “more fun than a walk-in freezer of monkeys”
  6. “more fun than a slurry of monkeys”
  7. “more fun than a distributed peer-to-peer network of monkeys”
  8. “more fun than a battalion of super-intelligent cybernetic soldier monkeys”
  9. “more fun than an apocalyptic rain of monkeys”
  10. “more fun than a dystopian future history of damn dirty apes”
  11. “more fun than a barrel containing a single monkey”
  12. “more fun than a barrel containing a succession of ever-smaller barrels”
  13. “more fun than a barrel of monks”
  14. “more fun than a barrel of monkfish”
  15. “more fun than Benjamin Disraeli”

5 Responses to “15 failed precursors to “more fun than a barrel of monkeys””

  1. Otto Says:

    Ultimate season hasn’t started yet, huh?

  2. Mark Says:

    lol. Up till I heard that saying I was all, like, “more fun than a barrel of lemurs” or some shit. Glad to see everyone else was having trouble.

  3. sween Says:

    Otto: Oh, I’ve been playing. But some things can’t be suppressed.

    Mark: Yes. It really was troubling me. Now I’m concerned as to whether or not lemurs have MORE fun than monkeys…

  4. jenny Says:

    You should submit this to McSweeney’s – they have a whole category for funny lists and stuff. This is right up their alley. Plus, your name is Sweeney. Theirs is McSweeney’s – it’s like you have an instant bond.

  5. sween Says:

    That’s so funny, because I wrote this thinking of the McSweeney’s lists, which I lurve with a burning passion.