nintendo planning to cause some awful schoolyard taunting

Their new multi-billion dollar entry into the hyper-competitive gaming market is called Wii.

Pronounced “we.”


I’m sure there are ten good reasons to choose this name. I can’t think of one of them.

One should always be very careful in naming anything.

Of course, speaking from personal experience, certain circumstances are unavoidable.

The personal experience of which I speak?

“Jason’s weenie”.

(Repress. Bury the memories. Repress. Repress.)

Be careful in that schoolyard there, Nintendo. It’ll be rough.

2 Responses to “nintendo planning to cause some awful schoolyard taunting”

  1. Otto Says:

    Kids are so cruel.

    ’s weenie — priceless –

    and cruel!!

  2. sween Says:

    I thought you would appreciate that one.

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