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squirrel says “cheese!”

photographing squirrels

What more could you want on a Wednesday morning than pictures of squirrels taking pictures?

Maybe a cookie.

And a nap.

And… no. That’s it.

Photographing squirrels, a cookie, and a nap. Perfect Wednesday morning.

birthday barrage on the occasion of my lovely wife’s birthday

my lovely wife

Today is the anniversary of My Lovely Wife’s entrance on this planet.

Knowing how much I have mentioned her (heck, she has her own category), I know you all feel as if she was Your Very Own Lovely Wife. And you probably love her like I do… but she’s mine, so keep your grubby paws to yourself.

So… the goal today is to accumulate as many birthday wishes for My Lovely Wife as possible.

This is where you come in.

Leave your birthday wishes for My Lovely Wife in the comments. Get your friends, family, co-workers, local municipal representative, dermatologist, platoon sergeant, parasitic mind-controlling slug for which you are but the host, everyone you can get your hands on to leave birthday wishes for My Lovely Wife and get their fingers clattering on the keyboard. This should go beyond a mere barrage of birthday wishes — it should get down-right creepy.

And remember…

don't let me starve -- de-lurk!

my minutely detailed review of x-men: the last stand


(Pant pant pant.)

Ok, I’m fi-


Wait wait wait let me just say-


(Tears of geekish heartbreak splattering on the floor.)

I can’t go on. It’s like someone hawked a loogie on my comic collection.

which came first, the chicken or the- oh.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? According to a scientist, a philosopher and a chicken farmer, it was the egg, British newspapers reported Friday.

The key to the age-old question apparently lies in the fact that since genetic material does not change throughout an animal’s life, the first bird that evolved into a chicken must have initially existed as an embryo inside an egg.

Hmm. Well. That’s taken care of.

Anything else I do today is just going to seem anticlimactic after that.

sex! violence! farm animals!

animal farm pulp cover

Pulp covers for classic novels.

These are cool as Fonzie… but I really don’t remember the leopard in Animal Farm.

In fact, the thought of a farm that has leopards as farm animals is just disturbing.

I mean, hell, what are they? Herding leopards?

Or maybe the mice in the barn are really post-apocalyptickly big?

Are they milk leopards?

Right. I think I’ll stop there.