12 renamings of tuesday that failed as internet memes

  1. Unexplained-Bruiseday
  2. Poorly-Maintained-Zoosday
  3. White-Suburban-Teenager-Singing-the-Bluesday
  4. It-Hasn’t-Been-The-Same-Since-Steven-Burns-Left-Blues-Cluesday
  5. Regret-Our-Poorly-Chosen-Tattoosday
  6. Inappropriate-Leering-At-Ewesday
  7. Let’s-All-Sort-Our-Shoesday
  8. A-Smorgasbord-Of-West-African-Palace-Coupsday
  9. The-Pus-It-Does-Oozeday
  10. Scholarly-Discussion-Of-19th-Century-Hungarian-Taboosday
  11. Unpleasant-Kangaroosday
  12. Wednesday

Sigh. They can’t all be Caturday.

UPDATE: Speaking of Caturday… World Famous Random Kitten Generator!

5 Responses to “12 renamings of tuesday that failed as internet memes”

  1. Jason's Dad Says:

    Oh boy. This is the post that puts Space Monkey Pants over the top. I was okay until I got to “A-Smorgasbord-Of-West-African-Palace-Coupsday”. Well done, little guy.

  2. Oh, The Joys Says:

    #9 – i vote #9.

  3. lightspring Says:


  4. Sarah Adams Says:

    Wait… you do have a day job, right?

  5. sween Says:

    Dad: Thank you. I won’t say how long I spent trying to decide if smorgasboard was better than panoply.

    Oh, The Joys: Was the vote for the level of chuckles or do we actually have oozing pus to discuss? ‘Cause I’m good either way…

    lightspring: Thanks. I like it when people are nice to me, unlike some other people like…

    Sarah: … who eats poo.