five words i invented while lying face down in the grass after pulling my calf

  1. “damnabundlelickah”
  2. “fuhfuhfuhungh”
  3. “owowowowowowagada”
  4. “sississufahahahahahuhsunuvagabalager”
  5. “kunǃnk” [Note the postalveolar click]

9 Responses to “five words i invented while lying face down in the grass after pulling my calf”

  1. endangeredcoffee Says:

    Don’t forget grahhggbahumpht

  2. Suldog Says:

    Aw, geez. How bad? Missing games bad? As an aging old fart prone to minor pulls, strains, etc., much more than in the days of my youth, I feel for you.

  3. sween Says:

    endangeredcoffee: Excellent word, but alas, not invented by me. (For the record, it was invented by you. Have a cookie.)

    Suldog: It’s ice and rest for two days, stretch like a madman after that, and just pray that I will be able to play at the tournament in Montreal in 9 days.

  4. endangeredcoffee Says:

    Yay, cookies!!!

  5. Otto Says:

    Welcome to your Carlsberg years.

  6. sween Says:

    What’s that creaking, dusty noise I hear?

    Oh. That’s just Death hovering behind me…

  7. Alison Says:

    You’re coming to Montreal again? YIKES!
    Not that I care too much since I will be in Nova Scotia by then for the whole summer…mwahahahahaha. Yes…I will be unleashing my hellish minions (AKA the kids) on the unwary NSian public. Surrender now and ye may be spared!

  8. sween Says:

    Montreal was left pretty much undemolished by me. I spent the majority of my time on the fields at Douglas Hospital. The rest of the time? Either in our shabby hotel or trying to herd a bunch of cats into picking a place to eat.

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