verbiage: traffic

There may possibly need to be a small amount of civil planning done when a single accident — one single accident — stops traffic in a city cold.

And I don’t mean just the big streets.

All of them.

I was able to make it to My Lovely Wife’s office only an hour late because I stopped in my valiant yet vain attempt to drive straight to her by turning around, driving in the opposite direction, and then CIRCUMNAVIGATING THE ENTIRE CITY.

And this leads me to my real aggravation.

TO A HALIFAX RADIO STATION THAT SUCKS: It creates no sense of public goodwill to advertise that you have the most frequent traffic reports in the city if your traffic reports bear no relation to the actual state of traffic in the city other than the names of the streets. It’s like you’re playing Madlibs with our sanity. And the only words you have added are “flowing” and “moderately”. To every single blank. In pen.


5 Responses to “verbiage: traffic”

  1. Karen Says:

    oooo, Madlibs! Might I suggest a Madlib post, Mr. Grumpety Trafficpants?

  2. sween Says:

    You may suggest a Madlibs post.

  3. Jason's Sis Says:

    Which radio station would that be that sucks? Oh, right, ALL of them.

  4. sween Says:

    That’s true. I should have been more specific.

    [cough] Frickin’ useless News 95.7 [cough]

    To be fair, CBC radio has good traffic reports. I just don’t know as that officially qualifies as a “Halifax Radio Station” being but one arm of a national public broadcaster.

  5. Suldog Says:

    I’m just happy to hear you say “Asshats” again :-)