verbiage: bread and circuses

The Minneapolis airport toilet where US senator Larry Craig was arrested for allegedly soliciting gay sex is now attracting tourists, say airport staff.

Oh. My. God. Do people have no idea what it means to vacation? To escape their everyday life and slip the bounds of drudgery and the mundane? Are their souls so dead, their imaginations so bereft of wonder, their dreams so crushed beyond repair, that they will blindly clutch at the crudest of diversions, just to experience something, anything that can cut through the haze and fog of their numb existences, as if they were jabbing their tongue into the toothache of their souls to feel — O, to feel — anything at all?

I mean — REALLY?



My apologies to all Minneapolians.



Or is that plural of Minneapolis?

Imagine that — more than one Minneapolis.


3 Responses to “verbiage: bread and circuses”

  1. Suldog Says:

    Hah! I was all set to mention The Mall Of America, but you – as usual – got right to the nub of the funny far quicker than I could have. Minneapolis, indeed.

  2. g-dog Says:

    ooops, wrong bathroom..
    never mind

  3. canadian_sadie Says:

    I prefer Minneapolitans. It’s inclusive of at least three different colours–if not more than one gender. Shows the vibrant and varied characteristics of the citizenry.