verbiage: paradigm shift


This is gonna take a little getting used to.

This is my first post from my brand new MacBook Pro.

It’s me! On my new computer! Yee-haw!

The one thing they don’t advertise in the Apple ads?

That feeling that you might throw up after shelling out that much cash.


As of right now, I have no idea how to do anything on this thing.

And yet I have installed two programs and taken three pictures.

I’m in for some interesting adventures.

If any of y’all are Mac users and have beautiful tips and tricks for me, shout em out, baby.

I am puttty in your hands .

[Drinks the Kool-Aid.]

8 Responses to “verbiage: paradigm shift”

  1. Jurgen Nation Says:

    Hello, fellow member of All Things Fantastic! Welcome!! I bought mine in April and I swear to God, I almost threw up when I gave her my debit card. HOLY CROW. So now, there are rules. No eating or drinking near it. It goes in a safe place. A safe, velveteen place. Mozilla downloaded with No Script ensures it’s crap free and all that. It’s a spyware virgin. If you don’t know about the Mozilla/No Script thing, check it out. I wouldn’t have a compy without using it. Safari sucks, IMO, but I wasn’t a Mac user before. Let me know if you have questions. I love, love, LOVE mine. Enjoy making sweet love to yours and spooning it at night.

  2. Jurgen Nation Says:

    Also! Do you have a free trial of a Mac account? I wasn’t going to pay for it but I did and I’m glad for that. You get to do cool things and Mac Mail seems like it’s a pain in the ass at first, but I actually rather like it. And if you get a Mac account, you can save things to your iDisk or whatever it’s called.

    Sometimes I wonder if mine needs a playmate. Is it lonely without me, I wonder? Probably. Extra hugs later, I’m sure.

  3. Jurgen Nation Says:

    CAN YOU TELL HOW MUCH I LOVE IT???!!!!!!1111

    IT IS TEH R0X0R!!!!!!111111111

    I’m done now.

    (Sorry to hijack.)

  4. Karen Says:


    See, you can do things like that with a MacBook. Though mine = NOT the Pro. Whatevs.

    So! Welcome! You actually don’t need to know how to do ANYTHING, because it’s all intuitive. [ahem] Except the ejecting part. And yes, Safari sucks. I actually use the mail function, whatever it’s called. I have no idea why. I LOVE the search feature. So fast! I have no idea how to burn a DVD that will work in my DVD player. I know stuff about *cough* BitTorrent-type stuff, and have software thoughts. iChat is kind of lame. And I hope you have really really good eyesight, because everything becomes quite tiny. Which leads to typos.

    My MacBook is full of cat hair and crumbs and stuff. You eventually get over that kind of thing, though you will want a cushy (red) sleeve for it and people will envy you because of it.

    It’s totally worth it.

  5. mike Says:

    Dude. Whatever you want to know. Just ask.

    Oh, and the command key is your best friend.

  6. Mabel Says:

    Check out “textmate”. If you do lots of coding, you’ll love it. The dude who wrote it doesn’t charge much for the license… it’s worth it in my opinion.

  7. Otto Says:

    Welcome, Jason.

    You should install “quicksilver” for the mac –

    and get your ichat working as well.

    You’re suddenly much smarter than you were before.

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