verbiage: fall tv tip

I you’re trying to decide which of the new shows out this fall you should spend your hard-earned free time on — the free time that is not already set aside for perusing this fine site, of course — might I recommend Dirty Sexy Money. Pure gleeful fun. Blows away everything we’ve seen so far. That’s how you make an entertaining- OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! A HAIR ON MY MACBOOK PRO! UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN! WAA! WAA! WAAAAAA!

[Runs around room in blind panic, until a random gust of air bows hair off of the screen.]


Sorry. Still a little touchy.

Where was I?


It was important, wasn’t it?

[Another pause.]

Damn. I hate it when I do that.

I’m spouting off some truly remarkable thoughts, real earth-shattering crap, and then I freaking lose my train of thought.

[Oh sweet Jesus even one more pause.]

Oh well. At least you learned a little bit of earth-shattering crap.

Whatever it was.

Never mind. I’ll make it up to you.

Go have some pie. You deserve it.

2 Responses to “verbiage: fall tv tip”

  1. birchsprite Says:

    mmmmmmmm pie

  2. Otto Says:

    hair pie?