verbiage: sshhh…

[Very tiny voice.]

Let’s be very quiet. My Lovely Wife, totally doped up on cough syrup, is 3 feet away from me snoring gently. She needs her rest. She’s go the flu and so we all have to be very nice to her. So let’s be very quiet.

Have I mentioned that I LUUURVE my new computer. To quote Stacy — (ahem) — “IT IS TEH R0X0R!!!!!!111111111″ It’s fast and pretty and shiny and I’m lounging on the couch in the dark and it’s on my lap and the keys are all glowy and I’m working in Firefox on OS X while in the background Windows XP is updating in Parallels. That’s two operating systems running! At the same time! Did I mention that it is shiny? Really shiny! Unostentatiously shiny!

And did I mention that My Lovely Wife did not express one single tiny reservation about my purchase of my new computer? She did not. She agreed that I needed it and that anything that can help me in my work is a good thing.

But she did get a very important responsibility.

It was her job to name it.

So what did My Lovely Wife name my new Apple MacBook Pro?


It’s sorta perfect.

The one dark spot? I do believe our the Large One and the Small One are developing a deep abiding hatred of Banana.

You see… it takes up a certain very valuable piece of real estate.

Dad lap.

I am being very careful to keep them away from Banana.

‘Cause they are two mean vengeful bastards.

I expect to wake up one morning with Banana’s LCD screen waiting for me under our bedsheet.


4 Responses to “verbiage: sshhh…”

  1. jenny Says:

    I’d be more concerned about finding a pile of cat puke on the keyboard… (lovely image, I know). My cats like to curl up next to the warmth of my laptop, and I’ve had a few close calls, so I speak from experience. :)

  2. Karen Says:

    I have one that RUNS when I eschew the Macbook for a moment because of some stupid pc-necessity and I sit down once again before the desktop. He runs and leaps into my lap, because it’s FINALLY available again.

    Your cats will not get over this.

  3. Otto Says:

    Dogs, on the other hand, love macs.

    Our dog Kailee is learning PHP/MySQL on the Macbook. She’s so silly. I told her Ruby on Rails would be much more interesting.

  4. mike Says:

    Try this. Put a powered-up Banana on the couch beside you, with either the small one or the large one on your lap instead. Go into a lengthy discussion about the requirements for the banana’s existence in the house, and it’s potential benefits for all who live under your roof. Then, when the cats are giving you that disdainful, disinterested look, lift them off your lap and place them in the newly warmed spot on the couch that the banana has left behind. Et voila! They will follow that banana around happily evermore.