this is your cat on drugs

the small one on drugs

The Small One is a wee bit out of it right now.

After an evening of very un-Small-One-like behaviour, yesterday morning we got to partake in a Very Special Easter Egg hunt.

“Very Special” in that it wasn’t Easter.

And the eggs were replaced by small droplets of pee.

Very smelly pee.

So we took him to the vet.

The verdict? He has crystals, which — insert parental warning here — the vet says makes him feel like he is “peeing razor blades”.

[Collective wince.]

So he’s on some pain meds and we just bought a few flats of special wet food that cost as much as our groceries for a week.

(He’s totally worth it.)

He’s already feeling better, but his medication is definitely making him even dopier than normal.

Last night, he spent an hour sitting on the living room floor staring at the leg of the coffee table.

And it wasn’t even doing anything.

I checked.


(You never can tell with that coffee table.)

9 Responses to “this is your cat on drugs”

  1. birchsprite Says:

    Hope he feels better soon.

    *I’d watch that table leg you never know what nonsense they are going to get up too!*


  2. Average Jane Says:

    Aw, poor kitty! I hope he feels better.

  3. g-dog Says:

    Poor putty-tat -what a crappy Xmas. Is this an acute problem, or will he tend to have this problem (and delicious expensive wet cat food) through infelinity?

  4. jenny Says:

    why are you giving your cat crystal meth? that just ain’t right.

    but really, that’s the new saddest picture in the world. hope he’s feeling better soon!

  5. Michelle / chelpixie Says:

    Awwww poor kitty looks so out of it. Hope he feels better soon!

  6. Sassyk Says:

    I am BACK! I know. Been far far too long. Also I am catching up with you and I decided to move to a new location: much better than blogdrive so stop by! Will try to keep it rivetting.
    Happy holidays!

  7. Ali P In The Qc Says:

    So sorry to hear about the Small One’s urinary difficulties. We had a dog with that problem. Its nasty.
    Hope he’s better soon.

  8. Suldog Says:

    Ugh. Here’s wishing kitty the best possible outcome. Nasty.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Karen Says:

    Hmm, I think I am a bit late on this. I sort of gave up on you ever posting again.

    Hoping Small One is better very very soon. One of my cats (the black one) recently went through the same thing, although I wish my vet would have told me about the peeing razor blades thing. I would have asked for pain meds to drown out the sounds of his woeful meowing every time he went in the litter box.

    Oh, for him. Meds for him. Right.