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the human body is weird

So, I am not a regular weigher-of-my-body. It’s not something I think to keep on top of. And when I do think about weighing myself, the fact that I get on My Lovely Wife’s case when she obsessively weighs herself makes me do it furtively and sheepishly.

So imagine my surprise when I came back from the Canadian Ultimate Championships last week, wondering how much weight I had lost in three days of intense physical activity, and discovered I was fifteen pounds OVER my usual weight. Not under. OVER.

Chagrin was my wingman.

So imagine my double surprise when I weighed myself this morning and discovered that the fifteen pound gain had TOTALLY vanished.

I guess the fact that I had swollen up from the heat and dehydration to German-sausage levels may have been a factor.

It was really stunning, like someone had injected Itchy Grossness© into my legs until I had barely enough mobility to walk. Dudes, my legs were shiny.

* Itchy Grossness© — New from Ronco!

Looking for the right blend of viscosity and lumpiness from your all-purpose goo? Then Itchy Grossness© is for you!

Itchy Grossness©
Goo… for the rest of you!

a new piece of information that I just discovered

Re-posted from ma Twitter:

Huh. I sorta figured that my blog would sorta “run itself” while I took a wee sabbatical. Not so. Looks like PHP can’t do *everything*.

I should probably do something about this…

First though, I will need bloggin’ fuel.


Errr… what specifically counts as “bloggin’ fuel”?

Besides pie and cookies.

Pie and cookies being like the Type-O-Negatives of Fuel — they power EVERYTHING!