friday cat blogging

handsome boy

The Large One is handsome.

(Click to embiggen. You gotta see it in it’s full glory.)

6 Responses to “friday cat blogging”

  1. Suldog Says:

    Lovely eyes. Great, long whiskers. And I cannot almost feel the texture of his fur from this photo. Nice.

  2. Suldog Says:

    That should, of course, say “can”, not “cannot”. My fingers are still on vacation.

  3. g-dog Says:

    Stunning eyes – a remarkable blue-green (or are they green-blue)…

    A handsome cat indeed.

  4. Ali P in the Qc Says:

    Big One is indeed big and handsome. Glorious. If that was MY cat I’d be mighty proud and maybe frame that shot. But thats just me.

  5. Sher Says:

    SOOOO CUUTEE! What a gorgeous cat!

  6. birchsprite Says: