burn baby burn

Enough with this shit.

I’ve spent most of the last six months building quite an impressive fortress out of mental stumbling blocks, insecurities, and guilt. It was hugely impressive and made for some nice pictures and did fuck all to my self-worth and productivity.

This is me pouring oil over the whole shebang and lighting a match.

The wait is over.

Space Monkey Pants is back.

Boo-yah, motherfuckers.

4 Responses to “reboot”

  1. PRQ Says:

    Doesn’t a blog reboot require a stylesheet reset? I want Times New Roman and blue links!

  2. g-dog Says:

    Fires are very cathartic, and hypnotic, and primal, and toasty…
    I recommend having a drink (or two, or so) also.

  3. Sis Says:

    Bring on the cookies!!

  4. sween Says:

    PRQ: Don’t make me blow up your desk again. I have the Javascript and I will do it. [Stern glare.]

    g-dog: Sticking to high doses of caffeine at the moment. Trying to up the momentum. Also, drunkenness and fire? Recipe for DISASTER. (Also, hilarity. But still, disaster.)

    sis: No no no. I won’t bring on the cookies. Everyone needs to GIVE ME the cookies. Need fuel.