movember (or “why is jason celibate this month?”)

the movember stache

I have a moustache.

(Somewhere at this moment, My Lovely Wife just threw up a little in her mouth.)

However, I do not simply have this moustache for the purpose of nauseating My Lovely Wife. Oh no. That is simply an added bonus.

This is a charity ’stache. For I am taking part in MOVEMBER.

What is Movember? Short answer: Guys grow moustaches in November. People sponsor their tonsorial glory. Money goes to Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada. (Long answer: I’ll let them explain.)

So, this is my oh-so-late call out to you, my horde of humanitarianism, to open your wallets and BOW DOWN BEFORE THE ‘STACHE! FOR IT IS YOUR LORD AND MASTER! DESPAIR! DESPAIR!


[The vast multitude opens their wallets. Then run weeping into the badlands. Buzzards follow.]

4 Responses to “movember (or “why is jason celibate this month?”)”

  1. Karen Says:

    You could easily move south and pass for a redneck now.

    Oh, what? Sorry. It’s…lovely.

  2. sween Says:

    The moustache comes with a free banjo soundtrack! Score!

  3. g-dog Says:

    If you opt against moving south – there is a pair of leather chaps with your name on them…

  4. sween Says:

    Nah… I think I’ll go for the orange prison jumpsuit instead. Matches my eyes.