Wife: “Look! I’m helping!”
Me: “I know!”
Wife: “Don’t get used to it!”
Me: “I won’t!”

4 Responses to “chores”

  1. Suldog Says:

    I’ve got to say that the eclectic nature of these posts is rather marvelous. Odd photos, snippets of funny conversation, sex toys that even a graying pervert like me can’t figure out what orifice they’re supposed to… oh, sorry, that was the site I came here from. In any case, it is all wonderful, especially if it means I will find more Sween in my… wait a minute. I think that was the previous site, as well. That was damned good site. I’m going back.

  2. sween Says:

    You keep talking up this other site but I ain’t seeing any links.

  3. Suldog Says:

    You would if you went there.

  4. Ali P in the QC Says:

    HA!! Oh the genius wit that is the team of S and S.