mah brain

I was thinking about how to construct a personalized license plate that read “I have to pee”.

I got as far as “IHAF2P” when I realized it could be mistaken for “I have toupee”.

And now men with wigs make me have to pee.

Thanks, brain.

7 Responses to “mah brain”

  1. birchsprite Says:

    Men with wigs have always had that effect…

  2. Zeus Says:

    Personally, men with wigs make me gag.

  3. Suldog Says:

    I think we should all pee on men with wigs!

  4. endangeredcoffee Says:

    Men with Wigs

    Didn’t they record the Safety Dance?

  5. Chris Says:

    Dude, you write the shortest posts I’ve ever seen, but they’re hilarious. And I thank you for that.

  6. g-dog Says:

    Pavlov must be so proud…

    How about “IHV2PP”? “IHV2WZ”? “HV2URN8″

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