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“Oh. There’s a cat hair on the screen.”

[Blow on screen.]

“Oh. There’s a cat hair and saliva on the screen.”

One billion times a day.


Research has determined the human brain is incapable of realizing when a Backstreet Boys t-shirt is being worn ironically.


Dawn rides atop Dan, a border collie, during a break in bull riding action at the Fear No Evil Bull Riding Challenge in Houma, La. The act featured two monkey-toting collies rounding up a herd of rams.

Awwww… HELLZ YA!

(via Globe and Mail)

bears are comfy

The Known Practice of Using Domesticated Bears as Cushions While Drinking

- Little Paper Airplanes

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jasper is anxious

jasper is anxious

"Is my white balance off? I know my white balance is off. I hate pictures of myself."

Ah… putting words into the mouths of my cats. Bliss.