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this is your cat on drugs

the small one on drugs

The Small One is a wee bit out of it right now.

After an evening of very un-Small-One-like behaviour, yesterday morning we got to partake in a Very Special Easter Egg hunt.

“Very Special” in that it wasn’t Easter.

And the eggs were replaced by small droplets of pee.

Very smelly pee.

So we took him to the vet.

The verdict? He has crystals, which — insert parental warning here — the vet says makes him feel like he is “peeing razor blades”.

[Collective wince.]

So he’s on some pain meds and we just bought a few flats of special wet food that cost as much as our groceries for a week.

(He’s totally worth it.)

He’s already feeling better, but his medication is definitely making him even dopier than normal.

Last night, he spent an hour sitting on the living room floor staring at the leg of the coffee table.

And it wasn’t even doing anything.

I checked.


(You never can tell with that coffee table.)

explosive stress relief

Still suh-wamped. Still ignoring you all. Still nursing a small acid-extruding ball of guilt in my belly at ignoring you all.

But you wanna know what makes me feel better?

Well, at this very minute, this does:

invisible movie explosion

Honestly. Are you so hard-hearted, so stony-souled, so psychically-constipated, that the sight of a small feline recoiling dramatically from explosives does not move you?

Shame on you.

cat-like readiness

The remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Really Pissy Mood Noel are sweeping through town right now.

Me and the Large One are on blackout watch. In the event that we lose power, my duties consist of leaping into action to get our generator running to keep the sump pump running or else we are going to employ a whole lot more dog-paddling than is proper when doing laundry tomorrow.

The Large One’s duties consist of keeping me warm.

I do have to say, I don’t know if this is what most people have in mind when they use the phrase “a state of cat-like readiness”:


quick! the painful truth!


must… share…

saunter on over to I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?

Well. I might as well go home. I’m not getting any more work done today.