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quote of the day

“Who am I kidding. They should give awards for this. Man, if you can make your kids laugh so hard they pee when they’re TWELVE you’re practically a Jedi.”

- Death By Children

quote of the day

“Update: he’s now tucking small woodland animals into the fly of my pajamas and I never thought I would ever type that sentence.”

- Mike

explosive stress relief

Still suh-wamped. Still ignoring you all. Still nursing a small acid-extruding ball of guilt in my belly at ignoring you all.

But you wanna know what makes me feel better?

Well, at this very minute, this does:

invisible movie explosion

Honestly. Are you so hard-hearted, so stony-souled, so psychically-constipated, that the sight of a small feline recoiling dramatically from explosives does not move you?

Shame on you.

twitter quote of the day

“Every time you leave the single word “FAIL” as a blog comment, people mentally count the flecks of eczema & pepperoni in your lonely goatee.”

- Merlin Mann

quote of the day

“Oh. Excuse me, kind sir, but where’s the quote?” you ask.

Just pick one. The whole post is a burning incandescent sun of HAWSOME.