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first stop: obvioustown

Yeah… I’m over here now:

I Am Your Canadian Boyfriend

Visit me there. I’m just as loveable.


godzilla and an alien

Godzilla’s battleship was just sunk by an alien

Apparently, I draw pictures of Godzilla hanging out with an alien now.

Who knew?

the internet… she is folding in on herself…

I am all over da interwebs nowadays, which inevitably leads to me sucking out on this good old blog here.

Well, I’m working to ensure that something — no matter the dubious nature — keeps this old puppy chugging along.

Starting… well, right now, Ye Ol’ Space Monkey Pants will also be receiving select content from my Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr feeds.

The house? It is being rocked.

Now go eat a cookie and think good thoughts about me. I’m a cutie.

verbiage: thudding realisation

Was this month really the best time for me to decide that I was going to be posting everyday? Really?

The month that my work has gone plum loco intense in anticipation of me heading off next week to a conference (in BC! NORTHERN BC!)? And the month that I decided to take a week-long data conversion project and literally the minute I finished it discover that due to my beautifully undiscovered fuckup that every single record was wrong? The month that the amount of freelance work I do has amped up so much so that I needed to pony up for this oh-so-pretty MacBook Pro lying under my fingers so that I could actually get work done while away in BC meaning that the lovely Rockie Mountains will probably be free from my grubby paws for the majority of the trip? The month that my sisterwhoeatspoofortwo finally got over this whole pregnancy thing and actually birthed the wee Nugget mere weeks before my stunningly fabulous Nana finally went into the hospital for the operation that had been hanging over her head for the past handful of years and yes she’s doing great right now but she’s dealt with more crap than anybody should have to — English war bride and all — so anytime she’s not sitting pretty getting whatever she wants I worry?

(And that wasn’t even a sentence but now my battery’s about to kick out.)

And the month that fricking Heroes starts again?


I really do have some good stuff to write.

I’m just hunting for the time…

Please bear with me…

the whole kit-and-caboodle

Everything I’ve ever posted on this site.

You’ve been warned.

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Huh? What? You’re still here?

Go. Have a cookie. Climb a tree. Get some fresh air.

I’m just gonna close… my eyes… for a sec…

honk-shu... honk-shu...