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verbiage: urgent request

Busiest. Day. Ever.

I urgently require nourishment for my body and soul.

Perhaps a shipment of bunny rabbits and cheese danishes?

If this is not feasible, perhaps a danish in the shape of a bunny.

Or vice versa.

Stat. I’m fading fast.

(And CAPTION, dammit! And you can caption more than once, if the inspiration hits!)

verbiage: exhort

This ain’t nothing but a hearty exhortation to get your collective butts moving on the whole LOLSWEEN phenom.


[Heartwarming sound of you getting off your butt.]

I am uncertain if the brevity of this post constitutes a violation of the Month of Verbiage Terms of Service?

Perhaps. It matters not.

You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Except those who have captioned. They have you to blame.

verbiage: caption this!

At the beginning of the August, My Lovely Wife and I took a trip to visit my mother. We spent a lot of time looking through photo albums. My Lovely Wife definitely had more than her fill of seeing evidence of my early and ubiquitous trend toward — ahem — naturism.

I… uh… you won’t be seeing those pictures.

Unless I decide to drunkblog.

Which would be dangerous.

[Shifty eyes.]

But I did come across one photo that made me squeal with unrestrained glee.

Clicken to embiggen

I call on you — my faithful and relatively hygienic readers — to help me discover its true yet heretofore undiscovered caption.

Hit the comments. Suggest your own. Pick yer favs. We’ll try and winnow it down to a winner.

And then we’ll slap the caption on that puppy.

Hell, if this goes well, it may become a recurring feature.


Get cracking, kids.