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the octopus has only so many arms

Long-form text and me aren’t besties right now.

Thusly, mah Twitter and Tumblr are getting the love from me right now.

I still love you, but I have the attention span of a marmoset right now.

And its shiny pelt.



burn baby burn

Enough with this shit.

I’ve spent most of the last six months building quite an impressive fortress out of mental stumbling blocks, insecurities, and guilt. It was hugely impressive and made for some nice pictures and did fuck all to my self-worth and productivity.

This is me pouring oil over the whole shebang and lighting a match.

The wait is over.

Space Monkey Pants is back.

Boo-yah, motherfuckers.

test run

In deciding whether or not a single sentence constitutes a proper blog post, I realise that as long as it consists of a) at least one hyperbolic word, b) an utterly improbable (yet hilarious-to-the-author) stage direction, and c) enough verbiage to require either the vocal training of a Wagnerian opera star or at least four breaths and a pee break to be said aloud, then we’re all good.

[Sound of devious mole rats sneaking up behind you for the sheer tangential joy of messing with your head.]

getting off my sun-free zone

If I can post to Twitter at least once a day, I can post here a little more frequently than once EVERY TEN DAYS.

I can’t promise that everything will be of the “stunning quality”* that you have all come to expect from Space Monkey Pants, but I’ll do my gosh-darned best.

And I have a very big project looming on the horizon.

I have approximately three months of comments to answer.

I’ll need a serious pick-me-up to get me through that.

Do they make crystal-meth-chip cookies?

* Please — reserve your sarcasm. I used quotation marks.

a person who twitters is a what?

Yeah. I’ve discovered Twitter. I’ve even managed to tack it into the rear end of Space Monkey Pants like Eeyore’s tail.

So… while I’m still locked in the death-grip of this NEVERFREAKINGENDINGTIMECRUNCH… I will, at least, be able to put something up here for your viewing pleasure.

The true minutia of my life.

I can feel you tremble with anticipation.

PS: If you feel so inclined, you can also follow my twittish activities on my Twitter page. Same great taste. Just as many bananas.