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delurking is the new black

Yup. It’s that time of year again.



You! The quiet one that eats something that always smells like pickled beets. You. In the back. Yes… I’m talking to you. Is there anyone around you that smells like beets? No. There isn’t, is there? This is when you speak up.

And you. The one with the funny ear. (I’m sorry if I’m insensitive, but hey, we were all thinking it.) Quit mumbling to yourself and speak up.

And you too, sir. I see you over there. I don’t want to know what you are wiping under your chair. NO! DON’T. TELL. ME. Whatever it is, I just don’t wanna know. All I’m asking is that you speak up… about anything else.

Everybody! This is when you say “HI!”. Tell me what you like on the site. What you hate. What you would like to see more of. See less of. This is when I start taking freaking requests. WHATEVER.

You just gotta put fingers to keys.

And remember…

delurk, dammit!

studying my stubby little fingers off

studying my stubby little fingers off

Take a break, people. Space Monkey Pants shall be dormant for the next 4 days.

Space Monkey Pants has an exam on Thursday. And Space Monkey Pants’ brain is about to explode.

Best wishes would be appreciated.

As would gifts.

Gifts of cookies.

Cookies of smartness.

earth-shattering realisation

You know, it hit me today:

“Poo” is a really stupid word.

From now on, the word “poo” shall no longer appear on this site.

memory lane

Still alive. Just busy. Brain’s got nothing for you right now, people.

But, to keep yourself amused, might I suggest a trip down the into the bowels of the archives to some of my favourite Space Monkey Pants posts?

where’s the lego-zombie-poo-sticks?

For all those thronging masses ready for a cavalcade of material now that all that Month of Me silliness is over

I tip my hat to you.

And… I humbly apologise.

For at this moment, Jason is buried under a large and varied mountain of work and will not be able to get things back up to speed with the alacrity to which he is accustomed.

So all I can ask is that you stay tuned.

And send cookies.

For the love of god — SEND COOKIES!