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my lovely wife in disney world

My lovely wife at Hollywood Studios.

If you’re really looking for ways to procrastinate, I’ve posted more pictures from our Disney trip.

watching tv

Wife: “Look. It’s Sarah Jessica Parker. Back when she was pretty.”
Me: “… ish.”


Wife: “Look! I’m helping!”
Me: “I know!”
Wife: “Don’t get used to it!”
Me: “I won’t!”

who’s got the beat?

A conversation with My Lovely Wife:

Me: Grrrr…

Wife: Don’t be mad — just listen to The Go-Go’s!

Me: Fine. They better have the beat.

Wife: They DO have the beat!

The Go-Go’s: ♫ We got the beat! ♫

And all was right with the world.

Except for, like — you know — famine and war and shit.

But… well, you get the idea.

living on the edge

Just thought I’d reiterate this fact: I love My Lovely Wife. And she is lovely.

And the fact that she has not thrown me bodily from a moving vehicle is a testament to her preternatural patience.

However, I am quite certain that when she finally does snap and fill my ear canal with millipedes, it will have been motivated by a variant of the following statement:

“That’s awesome — can I [blog/twitter] that?”

My Lovely Wife: suppressing a killing rage for your amusement.