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my lovely wife in disney world

My lovely wife at Hollywood Studios.

If you’re really looking for ways to procrastinate, I’ve posted more pictures from our Disney trip.

awwww… look at the widdle kitty.

[Pre-bastardized picture found here]


Dawn rides atop Dan, a border collie, during a break in bull riding action at the Fear No Evil Bull Riding Challenge in Houma, La. The act featured two monkey-toting collies rounding up a herd of rams.

Awwww… HELLZ YA!

(via Globe and Mail)

friday cat blogging

handsome boy

The Large One is handsome.

(Click to embiggen. You gotta see it in it’s full glory.)

a good thing

This is a good thing:

the large one’s belly

(However, this is balanced by the fact that I look like Christmas threw up.)