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“Who am I kidding. They should give awards for this. Man, if you can make your kids laugh so hard they pee when they’re TWELVE you’re practically a Jedi.”

- Death By Children

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“Update: he’s now tucking small woodland animals into the fly of my pajamas and I never thought I would ever type that sentence.”

- Mike

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“Every time you leave the single word “FAIL” as a blog comment, people mentally count the flecks of eczema & pepperoni in your lonely goatee.”

- Merlin Mann

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“Oh. Excuse me, kind sir, but where’s the quote?” you ask.

Just pick one. The whole post is a burning incandescent sun of HAWSOME.

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In response to my mentioning how amazed I was that she was functioning so well (i.e., at all) considering she had the flu and only one hour of sleep:

My Lovely Wife: Hey. I’m tough. Come the Apocalypse, it’s gonna be me, your grandmother, my grandmother, and the cockroaches. You’ll see.