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twitter to the sidecar

I changed my mind. I’m relegating my Twitter posts to the sidecar- er, sidebar.


You may now return to your regularly scheduled interweb activities.


Fine. I’ll go. But I know you’re going to look at porn.

a person who twitters is a what?

Yeah. I’ve discovered Twitter. I’ve even managed to tack it into the rear end of Space Monkey Pants like Eeyore’s tail.

So… while I’m still locked in the death-grip of this NEVERFREAKINGENDINGTIMECRUNCH… I will, at least, be able to put something up here for your viewing pleasure.

The true minutia of my life.

I can feel you tremble with anticipation.

PS: If you feel so inclined, you can also follow my twittish activities on my Twitter page. Same great taste. Just as many bananas.