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verbiage: under the wire

Crap! Almost missed my deadline.

Well! Thank goodness I made it here in time!

You might have missed…



uses of prosthetics in reptile thievery?

Quality material here, folks.


verbiage: paradigm shift


This is gonna take a little getting used to.

This is my first post from my brand new MacBook Pro.

It’s me! On my new computer! Yee-haw!

The one thing they don’t advertise in the Apple ads?

That feeling that you might throw up after shelling out that much cash.


As of right now, I have no idea how to do anything on this thing.

And yet I have installed two programs and taken three pictures.

I’m in for some interesting adventures.

If any of y’all are Mac users and have beautiful tips and tricks for me, shout em out, baby.

I am puttty in your hands .

[Drinks the Kool-Aid.]

verbiage: failed experiment


It’s Sunday. I’m lazy. And yet I have to write a post.


Consuming sizable quantities of baklava and cherry-cheesecake ice cream will infuse me with potently creative energies that will drive me to the computer where a veritable torrent of high-quality words and phrases will wash out over my keyboard and trickle down through the internets to enrich your lives with their fertilizing wordiness.

Testing Phase:


[Pause for air.]

Pant… pant… pant…

[And resume.]



I need to lie down.

Bonus Conclusion:

And I think maybe die.

verbiage: i want i want i want

Official LEGO Star Wars AT-AT Walker

I’m sorry, but this takes the toys of my childhood and kicks them in their tiny, charmingly-nostalgic balls.

verbiage: cropdusting (a haiku)

Clouds of death wrap me
In their malodorous arms
I think I have gas

What? Too much information?